how to make batik

sorry if i used a mother tongue because i can't found the translated

1. Cutting raw materials (mori=kind of fabric) as needed.

2. Mengetel: eliminate starch from soaking mori manner with a solution: peanut oil, soda ash, tipol and water. Then mori diuleni after flat diuleni dried until dry and then dried again and again. This process is repeated until three weeks ago on rinse thoroughly. This process so that the dye can seep into the fabric fibers perfectly.

3. Nglengreng: Drawing directly on the fabric.

4. Isen, Isen: give variation in ornament (motif) that has been in lengreng.

5. Nembok: close (ngeblok) the base of the fabric that does not need to be colored.

6. Ngobat: Coloring batik that has been walled by dipped in dye solution.

7. Nglorod: Remove wax by boiling in boiling water (finishing).

8. Washing: after the wax out of fabric, and then washed thoroughly and then dried.

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